Online Class Rules and Expectations

Note to class reps: please communicate with your respective class’ teacher, parents, and students today to make sure they can successfully login to their school account to avoid chaos on the first day of school. If anyone has any issues with logging into their account, please tell them to email with their questions. (please be sure to tell them to include their name, their child’s name, and their child’s grade in the email to help expedite the process.)

Here are some general guidelines to follow while learning online:

  1. Make sure your equipment is fully charged and go online ON TIME or preferably earlier, as that will allow you to work out any connectivity issues before class starts. (TA and room parents will try to help out if someone doesn’t show up, but it would help if parents called the parents of students who do not show up to class to remind them)
  2. Make sure you keep quiet and mute the mic while not talking. If the student refuses to mute themselves and causes repeated disruptions, the teacher can mute the student.
  3. Please make sure your student has their camera on at all times so that teachers can make sure they are paying attention.
  4. Parents are encouraged to be on standby for students to call on if they have any technical difficulty; this is especially the case for younger students.
  5. Make sure your child is following the teacher’s rules; the teacher has the right to remove disruptive students from the online call.
  6. Teacher will give guidelines on how to turn in homework. Parents please review your students homework before they are turned in. The teacher will collect and grade the homework as usual.
  7. We will still have a midterm and final; teachers are expected to monitor their students while they are taking the test (ie. have their hands recorded while taking the test). If teachers have another method of testing, they are welcome to use it.
  8. If you are a parent who has more than one student who needs to have online class, please put them in different locations inside your home to avoid noise interruptions.