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  • 3 TAs Receive the Presidential Service Award from ANCCS December 11, 2020

    恭喜傳薪三位助教由北加州中文學校聯合會申請並獲得2020年總統志工服務奬 Congratulations to our 3 TAs rec’d presidential service awards via ANCCS.

  • Celebrating the 109th National Day of Taiwan Drawing Competition 慶祝中華民國109年雙十國慶繪畫比賽 November 9, 2020

    Thank you all for supporting and voting for the drawing competition

    恭喜傳薪中文學校學生 紀幃馨 贏得北加州中文學校聯合會與金山灣區中華民國國慶委員會聯合舉辦西元2020年國慶繪畫比賽幼童組最佳人氣獎

    🎉🎉🎉Congratulations to Tricity Chinese School student Amber Chi won Best Popularity Award from ANCCS and OCAC drawing contest to celebrate Double tenth day

  • TCCS Drawing teacher Vivian Intro. October 12, 2020

  • TCCS 陳玉梅老師 7&8A Intro October 5, 2020

  • TCCS 5A Vivian Lin 林老師 Intro October 3, 2020

  • TCCS 1A Teacher Intro 車愛玲老師介紹一年級課程 September 15, 2020

  • TCCS KA teacher Han Intro 韓老師介紹KA班 September 12, 2020

  • TCCS TAs Win Presidential Service Award September 6, 2020

    王紹樺 Jade Wang Gold 2020
    李紫恩 Karissa Lee Gold 2020
    鄭羽晴 Jessica Cheng Gold 2020
    熊之珩 Alex Hsiung Bronze 2020
    馬晨軒 Chenxuan Ma Bronze 2020
    殷曉欣 Xiaoxin Yin Bronze 2020
    施羽真 Chloe Shih Bronze 2020
    曾文聰 Bennett Tang Bronze 2020

  • TCCS Art Elective September 2, 2020

    課程時間:每周六10:30a.m. -11:30a.m.
    Academy of Mandarin Immersion 博仁沉浸式中文幼兒園—幼教/美術老師
    MeiYing Art Studio 梅英美術學校—插畫老師
    APRO Safety Supplies Inc.—Product Designer
    Co-World Technology co.,LTD—Product Designer
    Creative Course for Children’s Aesthetics
    Life is full of creativity. In this creative course, we will use drawing as the basis to let children express the big world within their small minds. We will extend children’s creation from plane to modeling by multiple media. Variety ways of creation will enrich children’s cognition and imagination. Join us; accompany our children an interesting painting time and inspiring their curiosity and imagination.
    Course content: Drawing, multi-media creativity project
    Course materials: Crayon, watercolor, pencil
    Suitable for: 6 years and older.
    Course schedule: 10:30 am – 11:30 am, Saturday
    This course involves drawing, multi-media materials, and hand-made courses. In addition to holding pens/brushes and drawing, children will learn to create stereo / semi-stereo projects, increase their eye-hand coordination. Through teacher’s leading and interaction, children will be inspiring in creating their unique works.
    Teacher-Vivian Lin Instructor experience:
    Academy of Mandarin Immersion —Art teacher
    MeiYing Art Studio —Illustrator teacher
    何老師幼兒園、花苼米藝術設計教室、快樂兒童畫室、邦尼畫畫想像開發教室— Art teacher
    APRO Safety Supplies Inc. — Product Designer
    Co-World Technology co.,LTD — Product Designer

  • TCCS CFL6 Teacher Introduction September 1, 2020

    傳薪CFL6 徐老師自介課堂上將以遊戲的形式來學習中文希望大家會有愉快的學習時光

    Will teach Chinese as a Foreign Language with games and activities.Hope to have a happy learning time each year with you.

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Please send your resume to tccs@tricitychineseschool.org.

Thanks To Our Silent Auction Donors
For 2020 Chinese New Year Celebration

  1. Golf With Ren
  2. Galileo Innovation Camps For Kids
  3. SPiCES! Restaurant Hunan Cuisine, Fremont
  4. Cloverleaf Family Bowl, Fremont
  5. Kumon of Fremont North
  6. Bay Aerials Gymnastics, Fremont
  7. Pump it Up, Union City
  8. In N Out Burger
  9. Trader Joe’s, Fremont Hub
  10. Chabot Space & Science Center
  11. KidTopia, Fremont
  12. Dr. Yu Integrative Chiropractic, Fremont
  13. KTBYTE.com
  14. Oakland Zoo
  15. Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley
  16. Exploratorium, San Francisco
  17. Rubio’s Coastal Grill
  18. Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park
  19. Fine Art Museum of San Francisco, de Young and Legion of Honor
  20. Aqua Adventure Waterpark, Fremont
  21. Hiller Aviation, San Carlos
  22. San Francisco Zoo
  23. Asian Art Museum
  24. California Railroad Museum, Sacramento
  25. Winchester Mystery House
  26. Lucky Supermarket, 35820 Fremont Blvd
  27. Dale Hardware
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