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  • 3 TCCS Teachers Win ANCCS Excellent Teacher’s Award! July 26, 2022
    2022 ANCCS Excellent Teacher Award List

    恭喜傳薪 Congratulations to our TCCS teachers

    金雅婷 Carol Jin 老師
    龍惠 Tracy Hui Lung  老師
    韓毓榮 Ruby Shing 老師

    for winning the Excellent teacher’s award from ANCCS.

  • The Art of Life Sciences Elective Class May 21, 2022

    生命科學之美 Art of Life Science (網路授課搭配戶外課程)


    Art of Life Science 生命科學之美 (online class plus field trip)

    This class is all about life science with lots of fun crafts and projects. Students will learn fun facts about nature and life. They will get their hands on multiple themes crafts (animals, bees, ocean life, forest life), and planting projects (healing gardens, indoor hydroponics, micro-green, etc.). This class will guide students to use their keen eyes to observe and to love the nature around them.

    The Art of Life Sciences Elective Class Intro Video
  • Hiring teachers to teach Chinese for 2022-2023 school year January 13, 2022

    We are hiring teachers for the next school year (2022-2023) to teach Chinese in person.
    Saturday 8:25-10:25 am during the regular school session. (No school June-mid Aug)
    Location: Ardenwood elementary
    Please send resume to tccs@tricitychineseschool.org.

  • Robotics Class Coding in the Park Event December 18, 2021

    Last weekend, TCCS’s Robotics Class (for grades 3 and up) held a coding event at the park. Check out a recap video of the cool event here:

  • Book Distribution August 15, 2021

    Another successful event: books distribution Aug 14, 2021. Thank you to all the volunteers today. You are the best!

  • Book Pickup Reminder August 14, 2021

    Dear TCCS families,

    Welcome back to the 2021 TCCS School Year!

    The first day of school is Saturday, August 21 at 8:30AM
    Our book pick-up time is scheduled for Saturday, August 14, 2021, 9-10AM.
    We also need some volunteers to help with this event. Some teachers may be joining us to meet their students. If you cannot come, please find someone to help you pick your books. 
    (Important note: a separate time may be scheduled for 7/8A depending on the shipping )
    The location will be in Deep Creek Park near Ardenwood elementary (The Google Maps pin is https://goo.gl/maps/vczLa19ru5hkscq86)
    Please park on street; do not use the Ardenwood parking lot and a mask is required when picking up your books.

    (Separate event before book distribution: We will need volunteers to help out before this time to go to Milpitas OCAC for picking up additional books.  No confirmed date and time but please let me know if you can help at pallas@tricitychineseschool.org.  We will try to schedule a better time.)

    Thank you, and we hope to see you all soon!

  • Greetings From the TCCS Principal August 12, 2021

    A couple of reminders to our TCCS family.
    1. All parents to have all students to check if they can access their Tri-City Chinese School account (XXX@tricitychineseschool.org). Many classes will use Google classroom for class announcements and homework assignments. The teachers will be sending out the classroom invitation to the students’ email soon. Please note that Google classroom can only be accessed using  students’ TCCS accounts. Parents’ personal emails will not have access. (refer to Sara’s email for more details) If you have any questions, please email our IT department for help.
    2. Come to deep creek park to pick up textbooks Aug 14, 2021.9-10 am and park on the street not the Ardenwood parking lot.If you cannot come, please have someone help you with this or pay a fee to mail books to you.(Note: 7A/8A pending for this event, pick up time may be different)
    3. First day of school is Aug 21.Our teachers will send you an email to welcome you before that time with the class online session information.
    Thank you.

  • 2 TCCS Teachers Win the ANCCS Excellent Teacher’s Award August 9, 2021

    恭喜傳薪 Congratulations to teacher
    李瑩 Jean Li 老師
    徐藝洄 Yihui Xu 老師
    for winning the Excellent teacher’s award from ANCCS.

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  • 2021-2022 綠色生活美學 廣宣 August 9, 2021

    傳薪中文學校隆重推出親子課程 綠色生活美學 Green Life Art

    課程將由Santa Clara Green Gardener認證的Corriana 李秀燕老師來帶領,讓小朋友透過感官視覺去體驗季節的變化,通過多元手動綠色主題課程(療癒花園、 室內水培、 微型育苗及植物美學 等),共同創造屬於孩子們童年的幸福回憶,歡迎親子共同參與, 一起培養小朋友的綠手指。


    報名請到傳薪網站 https://tricitychineseschool.org/registration/

  • 2021-2022 畫畫課廣宣 August 9, 2021

    Tricity Chinese School 傳薪中文學校繪畫課Drawing Class開課囉!

    今年一樣是由Vivian 老師來教大家畫出最有自己風格的作品,內容豐富,有繪畫,勞作,主題季節變化,適合各個年齡層, 來Vivian老師的影片看看小朋友的作品喔

    報名請到傳薪網站 https://tricitychineseschool.org/registration/

See all announcements.

We are hiring teachers.
Please send your resume to tccs@tricitychineseschool.org.

Thanks To Our Sponsors in 2022

  1. Kumon Math and Reading on Thornton Ave – www.kumon.com
  2. SSB Basketball atArdenwood Elementary ssbbasketball.com
  3. Omega Automotive, Fremont –3710 Bonde Way, Fremont, CA. Call (510) 794-6564
  4. Hosanna Ong Mucklo, Realtor – HosannaMucklo.com
  5. Asia Express, Thornton Ave, Newark – AsiaExpressca.com
  6. Golf With Ren, PGA Professional, Hayward Golf Course – www.golfwithren.com
  7. Chaat Bhavan, Mowry Ave – www.chaatbhavan.com
  8. Hippies Brew, Union City and Hayward – www.hippiesbrew.com
  9. Baskin Robbins Newark- Jarvis Ave – Baskin Robbins Newark CA
  10. Niles Canyon Railway – www.ncry.org
  11. Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco – FAMSF.org
  12. Oakland Zoo – www.oaklandzoo.org
  13. Chick-fil-A on Mowry Ave – chick-fil-a.com
  14. Hiller Aviation Museum – www.hiller.org
  15. Jack’s Restaurant, NewPark Mall – ilovejacks.com
  16. Happy Hollow Park & Zoo – happyhollow.org
  17. Devout Coffee, Niles Blvd – devoutcoffee.com
  18. San Francisco Zoo – sfzoo.org
  19. Safeway Newark- Jarvis Ave – Safeway.com
  20. Starbucks on 39981 Mission Blvd – Starbucks.com
  21. Erik’s DeliCafé – Eriksdelicafe.com
  22. IHOP on Jarvis Ave, Newark – ihop.com/en-us/ca/newark
  23. Keoni Learning and Assessment, Union City – KEONIlearning.com

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